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Just Call Me Elsmaster

27. FIN. I like things. This blog mostly contains the things I like. I also do stuff. You can find my stuff here, or on AO3 or FB.
Aug 20 '14

Lie down with me, Watson.

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Aug 20 '14
I’m on the same boat, dude. Except for me it might actually cause death. We could do the lukewarm water bucket challenge.

We could drink GTs! They kind of look like icy water.

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Aug 20 '14








Oh dear god what have I done…




Reblogging it again because I just was scrolling through my dash on my phone and saw it and pressed play and my brother gave me the dirtiest look and I just said “wait for it” and then I laughed and he stared in horror

That was fun


i’m gonna throw this on my playlist that i put on in the car and just wait for it to come on shuffle one day and wait for the looks of sheer hatred to come over everyone’s face.

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Aug 20 '14

Drastic, sudden changes in temperature (especially from warm to cold) make my blood pressure drop and cause arrhythmia, shortness of breath and DEATH (maybe not death), which, obviously is not even a little bit funny.

You know, in case someone even thinks about tagging me for the ice bucket thing. I don’t think anyone actually does, but just putting it out there.

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Aug 20 '14

After three years on Teen Wolf, you’ve had your fair share of makeout scenes. What’s been your biggest revelation?
Make sure they don’t have oral herpes. We have a couple of cast members who have cold sores, and when they have outbreaks, kissing scenes legally have to be rescheduled. I am not getting mouth herpes from Teen Wolf. You can take my dignity, but you’ll not take my lack of mouth herpes.

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Aug 20 '14
I feel your pain! I once had to attach my resume’ and then fill out multiple sections about my previous employers and education. Like, whats the point!

Yes! Exactly! It gets pretty old pretty fast, especially when you apply for multiple jobs a day.

And call me old-fashioned, but I actually prefer writing proper free-form applications where you can just highlight the experience that’s most relevant to whatever job you’re applying for, and then just attach your CV in case someone cares about all the part-time jobs you had as a teenager (I don’t have ancient part-time jobs listed in my CV, but you know, generally speaking). 

And when you’re almost exclusively looking for jobs in the media/marketing field, the online forms are a horrible idea, because they don’t really leave room for creativity (not that I’d prefer to send glittery applications with pink heart stickers or the, but it would be nice to be able to demonstrate my awesome writing skills that are the main focus of the jobs I’m applying for, in the actual application).

Ugh. I really didn’t remember how much this job-hunting thing sucks. 

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Aug 20 '14

You know what I hate? Those stupid goddamn online forms you have to fill out when applying for a job. Why the hell do I need to type up my work experience and brief descriptions of everything I’ve ever done for a living, when you require an attached CV anyway? And yes, I know it makes it easier to search for certain buzz words in all the billions of applications the companies get, but why do they still insist on having a separate CV if no one’s ever going to look at it? Ugh. 

I have not missed job hunting. At all. 

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Aug 20 '14
Catching bad guys and look good doing it. 

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Aug 20 '14


hoechi has no beard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [x]

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Aug 20 '14



The Sims Tumblr Posts

This is why I love The Sims.

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Aug 19 '14

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Aug 19 '14

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Aug 19 '14


…and now I’m SOBBING

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Aug 19 '14


I’ve been working on a copywriting project with a new client. After sending her my first draft, her comment was that she wanted something “edgy.”

I went back and made some changes, but her feedback was the same - it needed to be “edgier.”

After numerous back-and-forths, both through email and phone calls, I finally found what she wanted: she meant she wanted the word “edge” to appear in the copy more.

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Aug 19 '14

I’m slowly starting to resemble someone who lives a very violent, action-packed life (skin peeling off from the side of my left hand, burns on my wrist, gigantic bruises on my legs…) when, in reality, I’m just a horrible cook and have a super-energetic Labrador. 

Tags: this is my life fun (?) fact back when i studied special fx make up stuff we were told a to keep a close eye on and possibly document the healing process of any cuts and bruises we had for professional purposes so that we'd not exactly what certain types of bruising looked like and could replicate it i have never stopped doing it i'm especially dascinated by the burn mark on my wrist because i've never properly burned myself before which is a small miracle considering i've set various articles of clothing on fire while i was wearing them i'm hazardous to myself (*not = know) (*dascinated = fascinated)